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About Greg Clark

Some Fun and Interesting Challenges For Your Group

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This high spirited Central Texan’s character is like no one else’s. Greg Clark comes to you and quickly grabs the attention of your group infecting them with his enthusiasm and transforming them into a high powered team. No one will forget the lessons learned and you will be amazed how quickly your group will explode with the power of enthusiasm and great attitudes. For over 25 years, he has motivated, united and empowered groups to deal with various conflicts and reach it’s highest levels of cohesiveness and performance.  More

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Celebrating over 20 years of service. Adventures in Team Building, formerly known as Clark Expeditions), was created and equipped to reach out and travel to you.  Over the years Greg Clark has challenged and transformed thousands one group at a time, including sports teams marching bands, schools and a wide range of businesses, large or small. He has created and developed challenges that will fit your group’s needs and is sure to raise your group to be a highly efficient, effective, high powered team.


High Elements

Low Elements

Team Building High Elements


Primitive Camping

Fishing Fun

Canoe Expeditions

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